Self-care advocate. Entrepreneur at heart. Slow lifestyle and peaceful mindset.

I come from a family of entrepreneurs. After graduating from a Bachelor’s degree in international business, I joined the team of SpeedUP! Europe, a startup accelerator funded by the European Commission. I met with more than 500 founders in our innovation hub in Hamburg, Germany. Then, I switched to Rockstart where I built the curriculum of their Smart Energy acceleration program. From Amsterdam, I was working with international startups on a daily basis, coming from all over the world – Colombia, Nigeria, Philippines…

Of all the entrepreneurs I met abroad, only 20% were women. I decided to start a Master’s degree in project management and political science, to study the low rates of female entrepreneurship. After interviewing more than 20 founders and startup accelerators in France and The Netherlands, my research demonstrated a simple, yet frightening, result: the European startup landscape is toxic for women. Discrimination, bro-culture, sexism are part of the daily life. If you’d like to read more about it, find the main points of my thesis here.

Overall, I have been around startups for almost 5 years. 15-hours work days, pizza and beers for lunch, emails answered at 3 AM – I have seen and experienced the whole “startup culture”. Today, I am not sure if I would be able to count how many burnouts I have witnessed. Founders, employees or interns alike, it seems that no one can survive the exhausting lifestyle of the tech industry.

I launched Cosymatters earlier this year, because I believe that we can find a better solution. We are more innovative and creative after a full night of sleep, a healthy breakfast and a strong work-life balance. Success can be found through mindfulness and meditation. Entrepreneurship and slow lifestyle are not opposite terms.

Feel free to email me anytime at masse.pauline@gmail.com or find me on Instagram. Thank you so much for reading.