Monthly challenge #4 | All I want for Christmas is… positivity


It’s been a while! In November, life has gotten in the way, and I wasn’t able to write as much as I wanted to. I’m happy to be back, even for one article. 

This month, I have decided to challenge myself to be more positive. We all have very good reasons to be stressed and unhappy. However, I have so much to be grateful for in my life, and I should not forget about it. 

The challenge: 100 happy days 

I came across the 100HappyDays challenge while researching how to bring positivity in my life. The idea is quite simple: each day,  you post a picture of what made you happy. It can be anything, from completing a difficult task at work to spending time with your family. It can also be something small, like the fact that you ate a nice meal for dinner, or watched a new episode of your favorite TV show. 

Some choose to upload the picture on social media with the #100HappyDays hashtag, and that’s great. To me, it would not work as I’d rather keep it private. That is why I have created a password-protected Tumblr blog where I will be submitting my pictures. 

I love this challenge because it’s really up to you. You can decide to share your happiness with the world, or keep it for yourself. You can decide to use technology, or simply enter your daily happy thought in a journal. 

What is the point? For me, the point is to start noticing what makes me happy in my daily life. It is frightening how easy I can spiral into negative thoughts, where everything feels hopeless and scary. I am hoping this will help me become more optimistic and positive! 

How can I optimize this challenge? 

100 days is a lot! I calculated that my challenge will end on March 21, 2019 (as I started officially yesterday). Here’s what I have planned to ensure that I will submit a happy picture every single day:

– Make it “public”: posting the challenge on social media has the benefit of holding yourself accountable. You can receive support from online friends, and this might give you the incentive to actually complete the challenge. As I’d rather keep this for myself, but I still need the motivation, I have decided to tell my boyfriend, and share the Tumblr blog with him. Hopefully this will keep me on track! 

– Ring the alarm: I created an alarm on my phone, that will ring every day at 9 pm. This simple reminder should help me at the beginning. I’m hoping that, after a couple of days, this task will become part of my daily routine. 

– No pressure: I love these monthly challenges, as they allow me to try something new. However I do not want to add stress to my life. I have already accepted that I might miss a day, or two. Life happens, and it’s alright if I can’t make it for 100 days in a row! After all, the point is to become more positive and grateful, not to add more pressure and stress. 

If you’re curious, here’s my last monthly challenge

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