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4 European female entrepreneurs to follow in 2018


Entrepreneurship is fascinating. In my career, I have met hundreds of inspiring founders. Listening to their stories has always been the most exciting part of my job.

Unfortunately, female founders are still rare in Europe. Earlier this year, while researching this phenomenon, I discovered that the promotion of role models is a crucial aspect in the development of female entrepreneurship.

So today, I’ve gathered 6 European female entrepreneurs with exciting startups. Hopefully, reading about them will get you inspired and ready to build your own business one day!

1/ Sandra Rey

Paris, France

Founder of the wonderful start-up Glowee, Sandra is revolutionizing the energy industry. Through bioluminescence, her company produces biological lightning systems by using bacteria glowing up at night. If you’d like to learn more about her, watch her TED talk on “Pollution-free lights, powered by microbes“.

sandra-reySandra Rey – © TED Ideas Worth Spreading

2/ Ida Tin

Berlin, Germany

Ida Tin is the co-founder and CEO of Clue, a menstruation and ovulation tracking app. She has been credited with coining the term “femtech”, which refers to technology related to women’s health. Clue’s website is incredibly useful as it is filled with relevant questions and answers about menstrual cycles, sex, bleeding, gender equality – everything you need to know about women’s reproductive health.

ida-tinIda Tin – © TechCrunch

3/ Stina Ehrensvärd

Stockholm, Sweden 

Named “Most Powerful Woman Entrepreneur” of 2018 by a Swedish magazine, Stina is the founder and CEO of Yubico. She invented the YubiKey, a hardware authentication solution which enables one single security key to access computers, phones, networks and online services. To better understand this product, read this fascinating article: “How a Tiny $50 Gadget Is Thwarting Hackers in 160 Countries“.

Stina EhrensvärdStina Ehrensvärd – © Inc.com / Anastasiia Sapon

4/ Anne-Marie Imafidon

London, United Kingdom

At 20 years old, Anne-Marie graduated from Oxford with a Master’s degree in Mathematics and Computer science. Now, she is the CEO of Stemettes, a social enterprise promoting women in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) fields with events and hackathons.

Anne-MarieAnne-Marie Imafidon – © The Edge Leaders

Researching this article has been an incredibly inspiring experience. I’d like to continue learning about European female founders. If you know anyone like that, please share their profile with me!

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