5 non-intimidating YouTube channels to learn tech and science


Despite being a political science and history student, I have always been curious about the STEM fields – science, tech, engineering, and mathematics. However, my last physics class was in 2008 and I’ve never really understood biology. Just like many of you, I am not too excited about reading long and boring scientific articles. Luckily, there’s a lot of creative and fascinating channels on YouTube that cover a wide range of topics, from astrology to robotics, biology, and earth sciences.

Here are my 5 favorite channels at the moment:

1. Kurzgesagt

One of the best YouTube creators I have ever watched. The team behind Kurzgesagt releases monthly videos about approximately everything, answering your most burning questions about the world around us – why are bees dying? Are we alone in the universe? Are we destroying the Earth with plastic pollution? What’s wrong with the European Union? Despite delving into deep topics, Kurzgesagt is neither dull nor complicated. The infographics design is really extraordinary, and allows every watcher to completely understand each aspect of the topics.

Here’s the video that got me addicted:

2. Simone Giertz

I don’t think I need to introduce her by now. Simone Giertz, queen of shitty robots, makes hilarious videos building weirdly ingenious machines. She is an amazing inventor and engineer. If you are trying to introduce your daughter, sister or niece to the tech industry, show them this YouTube channel. Simone is a perfect example of a successful woman in tech who doesn’t take herself too seriously.

Here’s my favorite video:

3. Verge Science

This channel is quite new – only a few months old – but I am already in love. Each video explains a particular topic regarding the future of science and technology. I love how positive and approachable Lauren, the channel’s host, is and how easy the videos are to watch.

Here’s my favorite video:

4. Coding Blonde

Masha is a woman developer with a YouTube channel. She has taught herself how to code, worked for Google and loves playing with – and breaking – stereotypes. Her videos are fascinating because they show what it really means to be a woman in the tech industry. Her channel is still relatively small, so check her out and subscribe to give her some support!

Here’s my favorite video:

5. The School of Life

This channel is an empathetic exploration into human psychology. I find it fascinating. The School of Life answers some of the questions I have about myself, my family, friends and colleagues, while teaching me how to be more positive and grounded.

Here’s my favorite video:

What do you think about these channels? What others would you recommend?

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