Feeling overwhelmed? Take a reset day


It’s September 13th and I’m already feeling overwhelmed. Here’s a list of things that makes this month difficult:

  • Coming back to work with an inbox of 300 urgent emails,
  • Trying to workout at a gym crammed with new clients,
  • The amount of networking events you’re invited to,
  • (For students) The administrative burden of university registration,
  • Doing all of this in a 27 degrees weather, as if summer wasn’t over already.

Yes, this month is full of opportunities, new goals and exciting activities planned. But that is also an issue for many of us – this month is really full. There’s a lot of new people to meet, events to attend, errands to run, and problems to deal with.

Do you feel this way? If so, you need to take a reset day for yourself.

What is a reset day?

There isn’t any real definition for the term. Basically, you need to be at home, by yourself. If that isn’t possible on the weekend (because of your family and friends), take a day off from work. Call in sick if necessary, or take a vacation day. Then, follow these 4 steps:

1. Reset your home

Your home is the first step which will make every other steps easier. You need a clear space to have a clear mind (a very overused sentence that is incredibly true).

First, open your windows to get some fresh air. Then, take care of the cleaning that you’ve been putting off for a while: clean your sheets with fresh detergent, vacuum and de-dust every surface, clean your oven and shower and sinks. Take the trash out. Put your books back in the shelves, sort your clothes in your wardrobe.

Once that is done, check your fridge and pantry: throw what is rotten, give away these boxes of quinoa that you keep buying but never cook (let’s be honest: quinoa is gross). Then, make a large grocery haul. Fill your fridge with healthy, comforting food that you love.

Light an incense or scented candle. Sit down, and look at what you’ve accomplished. Try to list everything that makes you happy and grateful in your home: the view you have from the windows, or how your bed feels so cosy after a long day, or the memories you have in your kitchen, cooking meals for your loved ones.

2. Reset your body

Before doing anything else, drink a large glass of water. Yes, this seems obvious, you probably think that you’re drinking enough water. Believe me: you probably are not.

If it’s lunch time, cook whatever you feel like, with one condition: make sure your dish has enough vegetables. Eat it slowly, without looking at your phone or the TV.

Go to the bathroom and take care of everything that you’ve been scheduling for later. Make an appointment with the hairdresser. Clean up your nails, shave your face or body (only if that makes you feel good), scrub off dead skins and put on a hydrating mask. Take a long shower – make it as warm as you want but finish with cold, refreshing water.

Put on clean and comfortable clothes. Look at yourself in the mirror and make a mental list of everything that you like about yourself: the way your smile completely changes your face, or how your hair looks right after you cleaned it, or even the scars and marks you have on your body, indicating that through challenges and difficult times, you survived.

3. Reset your mind

Now, sit down on your desk and take a piece of paper. Write down every tasks that have been weighing on your mind. Think about every area of your life – family, friends, work, health, gym, etc. Use this Getting Things Done Trigger List to ensure that you are not forgetting anything.

Once that is done, read through the list again. Add a star to each item that can be done in 10 minutes. Schedule the others in your calendar. Then, try to knock off as many tasks on the list as you can: make an appointment with your dentist, order a present for your brother’s birthday that is coming up, pay your electricity bills, invite your friends over for dinner, set up a date with your partner, return the clothes you just bought that didn’t fit, etc.

Then, open your computer and declutter your digital space. If your desktop looks like this, start by organizing your files. Upload the important documents in your drive, delete the unnecessary ones, sort through the mess. Open your browser and do the same with your bookmarks. Check your personal emails and unsubscribe to old newsletters that you never open. On your phone, delete the apps that you never use. Save the pictures you love on your drive.

Close your computer, turn off your phone, and clear up your papers from your desk. Pour yourself a cup of tea. You have done so much by now! Hopefully, you are feeling content and rejuvenated.

4. Reset your soul

The last step is for yourself. You decide whatever you want to do now. Resetting your soul is all about self-care, which is very personal, so I am not going to enforce anything on you. I have listed below a few steps I like to take. However, none of that is mandatory. You have to figure out by yourself what makes you feel good.

  • Pour yourself a bath with scented oils and salts,
  • Try positive affirmations with simple sentences such as “I am unique and interesting”,
  • Practice meditation or light stretching for 20 minutes,
  • Open the book that you’ve wanted to read for a long time,
  • Close your eyes and take a well-deserved nap,
  • Listen to a podcast while baking your favorite dessert.

I hope this article has given you some inspiration to have the most productive and satisfying reset day. Remember that taking care of yourself is just as important as your job, or your family and friends.

Let me know in the comments if you have any advice for reset days!

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