What music are you listening when you work/study?


I have always worked in open office work spaces. To study, I alternate between the library, coffee places, and my apartment. Because of colleagues, other students, and my own boyfriend at home, I am almost never in complete silence.

I need music in my ears to be able to focus on my tasks, whether it’s for work or studies. Do you feel the same way? Recently, I have been trying to expand the type of music I listen to. I would love to discover new playlists and songs – feel free to share in the comments!

Here are the three main kinds of music I listen to while working:

1. When you need to relax because you feel particularly anxious and stressed: John Coltrane and Miles Davis’ jazz classics

If you are feeling stressed at work, give classical jazz music a try. There’s something to be said about saxophones playing, smooth voices singing, and piano notes in the distance. This music is soft, relaxing, and perfect for a rainy day at the office.

Here is my favorite Spotify playlist:

2. When you just want to block the noise of colleagues, printers and coffee machines around you: white noise

For tasks that require particular focus and attention, don’t you sometimes wish that you were working all by yourself in an empty, silent room? Of course, that is almost unattainable in an office, so you might resort to something that is almost like silence: white noise.

Here are a few good ones (find one track and play it on repeat):

3. When you feel productive and ready to rock this day: lofi hip hop radios

Welcome to my new obsession. Lofi hip hop is a mix of jazz, hip hop, and natural sounds put together, where the music quality feels almost like a record. It’s quite hard to describe. It feels so cosy, and it never ends: on YouTube, most tracks are running 24/7.

Here are a few good ones:

Do you listen to music while you work? What kind of music? I would love to know!

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