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There’s always a moment in the year where you feel extremely motivated to reach your goals. It’s no surprises that September works well for a lot of people. Gyms are crowded again, people are biking to work, eating healthy lunches and feeling overall inspired to change. If you are in a similar mood, find below my 6 favorite apps to learn something new today.

yoga-studio-logo1. Learn how to practice yoga with Yoga Studio

Definitely my favorite app. I downloaded it a few years ago, when I was living in Germany without knowing a word of German. I could not sign up to an actual Yoga class, because I wouldn’t have had a clue of what was going on. I was a bit nervous about using an app: what if I did something wrong? Could I get an injury? To be honest, I still feel uneasy about that. To ensure that I won’t hurt myself, I am only using Yoga Studio’s beginner classes. What is great about this app is that you can decide the duration – between 15, 30 and 60 minutes – and the type of exercises you need – focusing on balance, strength, flexibility or relaxation.

Find more information about the app here.

2. Learn from the best universities with edX

Out of the many online courses services that exist today, edX has always been my favorite. Most classes are free – unless you want a certificate – and relatively flexible: you can join anytime, and study at your own rhythm. My favorite courses so far: CS50’s Introduction to Computer Science by Harvard University, Human Rights: the Rights of Refugees by Amnesty International and Greatest Unsolved Mysteries of the Universe by the Australian National University.

Find more information about the app here.

memrise-logo3. Learn a new language with Memrise

By now, you probably had the same experience on Duolingo as me: you created an account, tried a few days to keep up, then you never opened the app again while receiving hundreds of reminder notifications and emails. If that sounds familiar, have a look at Memrise. The app is much more entertaining and easy to use. It doesn’t feel like a burden to open it every day to learn a few words of vocabulary. I love the short videos included in the classes, where you hear a native speaker say the sentences out loud. This is really helpful to understand how a new language works.

Find more information about the app here.

encode-logo4. Learn how to code with Encode

At first, I was a bit skeptical at the idea of learning programming from your mobile. I was pleasantly surprised: the app is easy to use and allows you to run real code. There is even an offline mode if you are in an area without Internet! Encode is divided into three categories: “Python Principles”, “JavaScript Essentials”, and “The Web Master” – which basically teaches you about HTML and CSS to build web pages. The lessons are definitely made for beginners. If you already have some knowledge of programming, you might not get a lot out of it.

Find more information about the app here.

buycott-logo5. Learn how to buy responsibly with Buycott

Let’s be honest here. We live in a capitalist world, which means that a lot of our influence resides in our bank account and purchasing power. If you’re trying to push for positive change, a simple act of activism could be ethical shopping – to basically “vote with your wallet”. That is the premise of Buycott: the app allows you to scan any bar code (your shampoo bottle, cereal box, cleaning product) to learn about the company that produces it. What are the working conditions for its employees? Does the company use animal testing? What is its position in terms of human rights? I love this app because of how much you learn with it – you can discover, for example, that a seemingly organic, environmentally friendly box of tea bags is produced by the company owned by Nestle, or Coca Cola. Hopefully, this can help you switch to ethical products!

Find more information about this app here.

jamie-oliver-app6. Learn how to cook with Jamie’s Recipes

I love browsing this app. Each of Jamie Oliver’s recipes seem more delicious than the other, and most are reasonably easy to cook – to be fair, I still haven’t tried his Japanese ramen, which takes more than 3 hours and needs at least 20 different ingredients! I absolutely love the “Featured Collections”, showcasing seasonal recipes that are updated almost every week. There’s a lot of vegan and vegetarian options, which is amazing. And I love how British the recipe instructions are – there’s always a passive-aggressive moment where Jamie tells you to “make your table look respectable so get your cutlery, salt and pepper and drinks set out nicely”!

Find more information about the app here.

Have you tried any of these apps? What are your learning goals this September?

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