Monthly challenge #2 | Organise your desk


One more day until September – am I the only one feeling excited? 

I’m looking forward to the cooler weather as an excuse to wear sweaters and boots, drinking cappuccinos inside cosy coffee places while it is storming outside… My holidays are almost over. I only have two weeks left before uni starts again, so I have been challenging myself to organise my desk.

The challenge: find the most productive desk supplies

This year, I am going to be travelling around quite often. To be able to work and study in the most productive way, I need to find office supplies and stationary that can be easily carried around several European countries.

#1 – Tech equipments


Microsoft Surface Go

Perfect for taking notes in class, and so incredibly light compared to my old Macbook Pro, I am quite frankly in love with this just-released Surface Go. I was nervous to switch back to Microsoft after having used Apple products for many years, but so far I am delighted with the experience.

Price: around 600€

Sennheiser HD 598 Headphones

Great headphones for those who are looking for quality, without spending an insane amount of money. Fun fact: I have 5 piercings on my ears at the moment (thinking about adding 2 more), and these are the only headphones that aren’t painful to wear. They are quite comfortable because they surround your ear, instead of pressing on it.

Price: 125€

#2 – Stationary 


Moleskine 2018-2019 Planner

I have been using Moleskine planners for many years now, and they never disappoint. The paper quality is great, they are cheap, and I find them particularly beautiful. This year, Moleskine offers wonderful planners with Le Petit Prince design – find them here.

Price: 20€

Midori Notebook

I have already talked about Midori on this blog, but I cannot stop raving about the paper quality. Soft, cream colored, the notebooks are perfect for those who are passionate about bullet journaling.

Price: 10€

#3 – Desk decoration 


Kurzgesagt EU Poster

Are you watching Kurzgesagt’s Youtube channel? They publish interesting videos explaining the world around us – what are wormholes, is homeopathy really healing us, are GMOs good or bad, etc. Last year, they released a video entitled “Is the European Union worth it or should we end it?“. It’s a great summary of the issues we are currently facing in Europe. The videos are smart and I love the design, which is why I immediately ordered Kurzgesagt’s EU poster when it came out.

Price: around 13€

The Limited Edition NASA Posters

I found this poster on The Verge’s Back to School guide. It immediately sparked my interest, as it is a strong, beautiful design. It is quite expensive, but it could be a great way to decorate your apartment or dorm room while showing your love for space exploration!

Price: around 68€

How can you make the most out of your desk?

As always, I have been researching tips and tricks to prepare for the challenge. Having a clean, organised desk is not only about buying office supplies and stationary. There’s quite a lot that you can do to stay productive:

#1 – Add some greens: a small plant can be a small and easy way for you to add some life to your office space. Succulents are the best type of plants for your desk, as they do not require much care and are quite durable.

#2 – Get rid of anything you don’t need: it seems fairly obvious, but it’s quite easy to gather unnecessary items on your desk. Have a look: is there anything dusty, that you only use once every two months, or maybe that you never use? Remove it, put it somewhere else. Uncluttered work spaces are incredibly important.

#3 – Organise your desk before you go home: I’m not talking about a deep clean every single night, but it is important to sort the papers, clear out the cables, clean your coffee mug, before going home. It shouldn’t take longer than 5 minutes to do so, and you will be grateful in the morning.

Who wants to try this challenge along with me? What office items did you get for September?

If you’re curious, here’s my monthly challenge for August.

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